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Chlamydia Treatment
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At Waldon Research we thought it was important when developing our Bio-oxidive cream that the side effects from using our cream were kept to a minimum.

- No harsh burning to rid the body of the Chlamydia.

- No strong antibiotics with their well known side effects when fighting Chlamydia.

To attack the bacteria we took a well known natural anti-bacterial oil and used scientific principles to flood the oil with oxygen in the form of ozone. As you would have read Bacteria (including Chlamydia) cannot survive in a highly oxygenated state as they are an anaerobic organism.

Bio-oxidized Oils

One of our most effective active ingredients we use is ozone, it is a bio-oxidive, it is made up of 3 oxygen atoms, we use this ingredient to flood the infected area with oxygen. Ozone has exceptional anti–microbial characteristics.

For the Chlamydia Treatment we slowly and continuously (24 hours a day) infuse ozone from our cold plasma generator into Highly Anti Bacterial Birch oil. Over a period of several weeks, we wind up with Bio oxidive Birch oil. After 6 weeks of ozonation, it becomes a very viscous, balm like consistency which we add to our aqueous cream.